Rules & Regulations

Dear Friends,

This is your Cemetery District and these rules and guidelines are meant to give uniform care and improvement to the maintenance of the District. We respectfully ask that the suggestions are followed and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the District Office.

Sylvan Cemetery

General Rules & Regulations

The District is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of 5 members appointed by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. The Trustees hold office for four years. They are responsible for establishing rates, rules & regulations for the management, care and operation of the Cemetery.

No interment may be made or any other services rendered, including stone setting, until all charges for lots, service and the endowment care have been paid.

An approved vault shall be used in every burial.

The remains or cremains of the deceased shall be brought to the Cemetery in a closed casket, urn, or other approved container.

The opening/closing of a grave or placement of any marker, plant, tree or any other ornament or device to be made by the employees of this Cemetery District only.

A burial intended for double depth will be dug double at the time of the first burial. No removing and reentering for double depth purposes after single depth burial has occurred.

Any lot, services or any part thereof, may be transferred by a signed Release of Interest from the owner or the next of kin and the consent of Sylvan Cemetery District. A transfer fee will be charged for all transfers.

Flower Regulations

Artificial and natural flowers are permitted year round. Flowers are allowed in Cemetery vases only. Small pinwheels (9" max), statuary (12" max) and potted plants are allowed, but must be set on the marker foundation. If there is no marker, all items must be placed at the head of the grave only. No Shepherd's hooks or wind chimes are allowed.

Any item that could be a hazard or is unsightly will be removed by the Cemetery personnel.

No glass or breakable items of any kind may be used because of the hazards to the public and equipment.

No planting of any kind will be allowed around the marker foundation or on the grave.

No person shall place or pour sand, gravel, rocks, cement or any metal of any kind in vases, around markers or on the grave.