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Pre-need Services

Planning for the future.

What will your family do after your death? Will your wishes be carried out, or even known? Will selection and paying for memorial property become a burden to your loved ones?

The selection of a final resting place is a decision worthy of careful consideration. Planning ahead, in the calm of today, eliminates the necessity of a painful emotional and financial burden under pressure of time and grief. Preparing in advance shows forethought and a caring concern for every member of your family. It makes the final arrangements less of a financial and emotional burden on those who remain.

Traditional burial in our landscaped grounds is provided through a multitude of options. Please come visit Sylvan Cemetery District and see for yourself, our calm and serene settings.

For more information or pricing, please contact us either by phone (916)725-3406, mail or email us.

Making your selection and putting your wishes in writing will give you peace of mind today and save those you love from making painful decisions later. It will also allow you to prepay cemetery costs at today's prices.